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body entity and a model of professionalism, honesty and creativity; Where (lawyers and consultants) in Riyadh in 1998 AD, then the group expanded by opening a number of branches. Inside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia under a license for each office;: Several branches abroad have also been opened, where the group offers a wide range of legal services with a homogeneous work team that is distinguished by scientific knowledge and practical experience at the local and international levels.

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Distinguished legal services in Saudi Arabia

Legal services provided by Al Abdali Group for Law Firm and Legal Consultation in many branches of law, whether inheritance or real estate, and legal advice is a group of legal services to protect the rights of clients in Saudi Arabia, as well as personal status services. Is to achieve security and stability, also able to resolve disputes and commercial issues.

محامي أحوال شخصية
Personal status lawyer, divorce and alimony lawyer

Al-Abdali Group for distinguished law firms in cases of khula’, alimony and divorce provides a high level of services, whether in the professional level or quality in drafting cases to obtain the rights of clients, and they excel in listening well to the client, clarifying the problems they face and then finding solutions, in addition to that they are specialized In drafting lawsuits in all fields and legal and legislative branches, whether local or international, in order to protect the rights of: individuals “personal statuses” such as marriage, alimony, divorce, divorce or custody.

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محامي ميراث
Inheritance lawyer

Lawyer Yahya Al-Abdali Group, which consists of a group specialized in inheritance cases and inheritance division cases at the Saudi and regional levels together, as our lawyers have distinguished experience in all financial issues and division of estates and shares. Also, the Lawyer Yahya Al-Abdali Group office has lawyers with persuasion capabilities And finding solutions for clients. In addition, inheritance cases are arranged according to the type of inheritance, and our lawyers are distinguished in winning all types of inheritance cases.

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محامي قضايا تجارية و مالية
Commercial lawyer

We have more than one commercial lawyer in the office of Lawyer Yahya Al-Abdali Group, which offers a group specialized in commercial cases in the Kingdom and corporate issues, as our lawyers have distinguished experience in all investment issues, drafting partnership contracts and various agreements in terms of corporate law and a group that includes the most famous lawyer Establishing companies in Saudi Arabia, as well as the office of the Lawyer Yahya Al-Abdali Group. It has lawyers with capabilities in persuasion and finding solutions for clients. In addition to the issues of establishing companies, our lawyers are distinguished in pleading for our clients and bringing their rights.

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محامي عقارات
Real estate lawyer, land and construction issues

The group provides all legal advice on real estate disputes, in addition to distinguished services in the field of real estate, contracting, construction, investments, and commercial deals related to real estate and land financing. Consult a lawyer specialized in Saudi lands at the Abdali Law Firm.

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محامي تعويض تأمين
Insurance compensation issues in Saudi Arabia

Compensation claims need an insurance compensation lawyer with experience in compensation cases in Saudi Arabia. You need lawyers like our lawyers in the Lawyer Yahya Al-Abdali Group for Law Firm and Legal Consultations for Law Firms because they have extensive experience in compensation cases of various types and in filing compensation claims, and our lawyers are also able to help our clients In taking their compensation from various insurance companies and resolving insurance disputes. A lawyer specializing in insurance cases to inquire about compensation for car accidents, search for human rights, and obtain appropriate compensation for him within the legal insurance services within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

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محامي تحصيل ديون
Debt collection issues

Yahya Al-Abdali Group, specialists in the field of debt collection in debt cases in Saudi Arabia, discussing with and fully listening to customers’ problems, finding solutions to them, and pleading for them before the judicial authorities, as well as in cases of collecting bank debts and financial issues. Debt collection cases in Saudi Arabia lead the courts and need expertise in this field. Our lawyers specialize in debt collection cases You can also now look at many of the services of Lawyer Yahya Al-Abdali Group for Advocates and Legal Consultations in Saudi Arabia in inheritance cases, personal status issues such as divorce, divorce or alimony issues, and any issue related to personal status, as well as issues related to real estate and construction problems in Saudi Arabia.

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Our Values:

You can have acquaintance with our three values that are capable of securing our strategy and honoring our promises towards our clients, which values are professionalism, honesty, creativity and personal / confidentiality. Which values are considered basic to us and obtained from foundations of our religion.



We conform to quality and professionalism in all our dealings based on experience and competence of group's ...

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Such value represents most important of our profession's ethics which should be observed, and accordingly, the grou ...

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To conform to profession's secret, and this is originated in honoring ethics consideration towards our honorable ...

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Thereafter, further branches have been opened abroad. The group provides with a large of legal services through a homogenous working team equipped with due scientific knowledge and practical experience at both local and international levels.

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