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Licensed & Certified to Practice Law

About Us

About Our Work

An entity substantiates an example of professionalism, honesty and creativity. The base of the group was founded by Group of Lawyer, Dr. Yhia Al Abdli (lawyers and consultants) In Riyadh in the year 1998. Thereafter, the group was extended through inauguration of a number of branches within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia by virtue of a license to each office.

Thereafter, the group was extended through inauguration of a number of branches within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia by virtue of a license to each office. Thereafter, further branches have been opened abroad. The group provides with a large of legal services through a homogenous working team equipped with due scientific knowledge and practical experience at both local and international levels.

Our Strategy

Group of Lawyer. Dr Yhia Al Abdli for Attorney which group includes more distinguished Saudi national attorneys and legal consultants, conforms to follow the principal of teamwork in handling legal cases. This gives strength to our group work method, in addition to creation of relationships with our client on equality basis. As attorneys, we are aware of the value of integrity of expectances to provide with best and more effective services. Therefore, the more we get closer to client, the deeper our understanding to his cases a matter strengthen the structure of our work which structure based on partnership and cooperation besides it secures that partners can engage in any fz case or agreement. Our Saudi national's attorneys and legal consultants provide with Integrated services, in that they are dedicated to having acquaintance with a client. Thereafter, they look for suitable solutions to his problems, a matter indicates that client's satisfaction and maintain of long-term relationship with him is among our first priorities in developing our services.

Our Vision

Pioneering and distinction reflect our envisaging as a legal group having all due constituents of competition in the field of attorney and legal consultancy works, which pioneering and distinction the group gained through effective performance in a professionalism manner that can secure extra value to our clients. This is in addition to standardizing of distinguished legal services delivered by our group in favoring our client based on superior foundations and high ethics of attorney profession.

Our Mission

To exert due efforts to return rights to their owners and to overcome the group of legal challenges facing Individuals and corporations in working and personal lives. with intention to achieve release of deed, We are working spread Justice and that is through all legitimate means and methods and to let the society be aware of importance of attorney profession. This is in order to preserve individuals and groups rights which right guarded by Sharia and law. Further, to let individuals and society have acquaintance with rights and duties.

Our Team

The Group has different legal backgrounds from different degree holders Legal and legal disciplines, which makes it an exceptional combination capable of presenting solutions in a specialized and accurate manner in terms of the business and meet the changing needs of customers, whether individuals or institutions.