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The Group of Lawyer, Dr. Yhia Al Abdli for Attorney and legal Consultancy is a group of legal services to safe guard clients’ right in all field including the following:

Sharia and Law Consultations

The group is distinguished by providing with Sharia and other legal consultations through a work’s team of attorneys and Sharia and law consultants with due knowledge in Sharia law, other laws, experience, competence in all fields and branches of systems, laws, legislations and regulations.

Legal Representation on Behalf

Client and arguing in all Saudi courts at all levels including general, punitive, personal status and administrative courts. This is besides, labor boards, board is solving labors-employer dispute, bank disputes and others. Furthermore, the group represents clients in front of all private and governmental bodies such as police stations and prosecutors.

Drafting of Procedures

Writing of memos and list of interceptors: Our group provide with services of high level quality and professionalism in drafting procedures in all aspects, systems' branches, local and international legislations including legislations that safeguard the rights of Individuals. business companies. punitive, labors, personal affairs related to families such marriage, alimony, revoke, divorce, custody visit etc.

Drafting and reviewing all types of contracts

our group provides high quality and professional services in the field of drafting and reviewing contracts to provide legal protection to contractors. It also includes the field of commandments and endowments.

Companies, Banks and Insurance Companies:

To fully understand the requirements of the world of commerce. finance and business, the Group has provided this sector with direct legal and administrative support services for companies and banks starting with the drafting of contracts for the establishment of various commercial companies, And contracts with others, Mergers and acquisitions, and termination of corporate transactions with the authorities and Various government agencies.

Real Estate

The Group offers excellent services in real estate, Construction, investments and commercial transactions related to real estate. Advising clients on all systems and legislations related to real estate.


The Group also offers excellent services in the field of alternative dispute settlement. Which Includes reconciliation, negotiations, legal mediation and arbitration in the circumstances that permit it. In order to resolve disputes effectively and as quickly as possible, to embalmment and preserve rights achievement of the Justice, and other Legal Services